Day and night entwine
In an elliptical whirl
Round a fiery sun

I am an installation artist and sculptor based in Northfield, MA. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from San Francisco State University.

As an artist I place great importance on the spiritual and aesthetic qualities of my work. Nonetheless, the role of the artist comprises more than the spiritual and aesthetic components of art making. The artist is a teacher, critical thinker, problem solver, interpreter, technician, researcher, and scientist with the ‘right to fudge’. My work conveys real-time narratives in real-time contexts. I use space, time, color, form, context and non-traditional materials to investigate personal, cultural, political, and cosmological phenomena. I work within a conceptual framework and, at the same, maintain a visual aesthetic that conforms to my sense of beauty.

It is wondrous, amazing, and joyful to be conscious entities in what we humans label as ‘the universe’. We experience time as a flow from future to present to past, yet we have an intellectual awareness that the universe is at some level entirely random. My sited inventions create situations that allow the viewer to visually link the cognitive perceptions of real time physical phenomena to life rhythms that are both random and cyclical. Zen like, they tune us in to the present moment, transcend time and offer us portals into the metaphysical.

I make reference to the human condition. In some pieces the reference is quite overt, and in others the reference is subtler. I search for cultural and technical discards, re-configure those discards into new forms and uses, and display those reformulations in new and different life contexts.

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