Nov. 6, 2023


Steve Delnickas
Director of Museum Operations

Mr. Delnickas,

I am contacting you on behalf of my friend Terry Marashlian.

Terry is a fine artist specializing in the creation of public art installations. His energetic and spirited sculptures skillfully combine light and motion to evoke sensory based experiences for the eyes and the mind of the viewer.

Terry installed a sports related sculpture on the athletic building at Landmark College in Putney Vermont. It is called Players.


As the sun moves in the sky and as the viewer changes position, hundreds of facets on each sculpture reflect the light.

The Players sculpture includes a piece called Slam Dunk.

I recently visited the site of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame and took some exterior photos. I then superimposed Slam Dunk on those photos to display possible placements of the sculpture on your building.





We realize that a man’s ability to dunk a basketball is different than a woman’s ability to dunk a basketball, thus, the Slam Dunk sculpture ideally should be combined with a sculpture depicting a woman basketball player shooting, dribbling, passing, etc.

Terry would be pleased to be able to design and fabricate such a sculpture of your choosing.

We realize, that should you choose to add a Terry Marashlian sculpture to your building, finding a funding source for the project would be necessary. But, at this point, if you initially just wish to start a discussion with Terry I would be happy to arrange a meeting.

Adding a Terry Marashlian sculpture on or in your building will be sure to attract the attention of your visitors.

Thank you for your kind attention.

James Sullivan