Art and Sports Facilities

Fine artist Terry Marashlian created, precision crafted and installed several sports figure sculptures on the athletic building at Landmark College in Putney Vermont. The installation is called Players.

Players contains the individual sculptures – Basketball – Slam Dunk, Football/Soccer – Shot On Goal and Volleyball – Dig Save.

As the sun moves in the sky and as the viewer moves on the ground, the unique facets of the sculptures stunningly reflect the sun light.



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The intersection of art and sports has been by captured by many artists through the years in a variety of media – paintings, prints, posters, trophies, medals, etc.  Terry’s sculptures are a worthy addition to the genre.

Terry can reproduce the Players sculptures, or he can create and install sculptures that represent other sports – football, baseball, hockey, gymnastics, etc. – that feature the same light reflective design. You and Terry will work closely to choose the best sculpture installation for your professional, college, private or public school stadium, arena or athletic building.

A Terry Marashlian sports figure sculpture installation will be an attention drawing addition to your facility.


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